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TFT set 2 tier list 9.24

The most recent changes to the TFT tiers and stats have added some new champions and modified a lot of stats for every champion tier. Whether or not these changes will be sufficient to stop the tide of . Below is the TFT 9.24 tier list with all the up-to-date stats. (more…)

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TFT Set 2 Traits Origins and Classes 9.24

With another patch for Teamfight Tactics comes more changes to the TFT traits. The latest update had a large amount of updates to various origins and classes, as well as a major retooling of the Shadow origin because of the recently added champion. We’ve updated all of the TFT origins and classes to reflect the 9.24 patch. (more…)

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Frosty Fest Returns December 16

‘Tis the season to be frosty! Rocket League’s annual winter event, Frosty Fest, is returning for the most wonderful time of the year, and it’s bringing plenty of holiday-themed, in-game goodies for everyone.
Enjoy the snowy variants of Rocket League Arenas throughout Frosty Fest. After earning Snowflakes by playing Online Matches, get out of the cold and into the Event Store. You’ll find plenty of new in-game items for your car to make it extra…

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Ruined King is the first singleplayer League of Legends game

Recently, League of Legends developer Riot Games announced Riot Forge, an effort to publish singleplayer projects set in the League of Legends universe, but made by other developers. Revealed at The Game Awards, the first Riot Forge-published game will be Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, which is being created by Darksiders Genesis developer Airship Syndicate.Ruined King is a turn-based RPG set after Burning Tides, and we'll play as LoL champions as we explore Bilgewater and the Shadow Isles.According…

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Dev Letter - Sound Improvement Plan Check up

Hello players,
Last August, the PUBG sound team announced a sound improvement plan for the second half of 2019. We wanted to give you an update on what’s been done so far as well as what still needs to be worked on.
First off, we adjusted the volume of sound effects such as "flies" which was high on the list of most inconvenient sounds. We also dealt with "red zone", "vehicle engine" and "wave" sounds which were louder than necessary and offered more of a distraction than information.

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Prologue is the mysterious next game from Playerunknown

Brendan “Plunk” Greene today announced his next game after the battle royale ladfest of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, a mysterious game named Prologue. It is… a video game? About… something? But it’s not a battle royale, and apparently not even connected to Plunkbat. This is the first game from Playerunknown Productions, the new research-y division Greene left the Plunkteam to lead earlier this year. Here, have a look at some wet trees in the announcement trailer below. (more…)

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New in SMITE - The Vigilant Update

New Norse Hunter - Heimdallr, The Vigilant

Passive - The VigilantWhen Heimdallr gains vision of an enemy god he gains Physical Power, up to a maximum of 5 gods. When an enemy god would disappear from vision (including Stealth) Heimdallr continues to see them for 4s. Heimdallr's Critical Strikes only deal 70% bonus damage.
    [*] Physical Power per Stack : 3%
Basic Attacks
    [*] 1.3 / 1.3 / 1.5 swing time and Damage[*] 7.5 ft AoE on the initial 2 hits that hit for 33% damage.
Piercing SightHeimdallr throws…

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Rocket League's new Blueprints are too expensive, but still better than loot boxes

Last Wednesday, Rocket League did away with loot boxes. You’d think that would be cause for celebration, but developers Psyonix have replaced them with Blueprints that many players consider overpriced. The short version is that yeah, they are, but it’s more important that this replaces an exploitative model that profits from obsessional gamblers doing themselves serious harm. For the longer version, we need to descend into the murky world of value propositions. (more…)

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Update to Item Shop and Blueprint Pricing

Since the Blueprint Update release last week, we have pored over all of your comments on Discord, Reddit, Twitter, and beyond. We have heard your feedback that Item Shop and Blueprint pricing did not meet community expectations. After carefully reviewing all the data available to us, we're making the following changes, starting today:

Item Pricing Reductions

Reduced the base price ranges of Item Rarities (before attributes like Paint) to the following values:
  • Rare: 50-100 Credits[*]Very Rare: 100-200…

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Rocket League's new Blueprints get a price reduction

Yesterday, I complained that after doing away with loot boxes, Rocket League's new Blueprint system still felt too expensive. True, it's cheaper to buy $20 worth of Credits and craft a Black Market Blueprint than it was to buy bucketfuls of keys to open crate after crate, but $20 for the privilege of using one animated decal doesn't feel like much of a deal either.Today, Psyonix has lowered the prices on most Blueprints, which I suspected might happen. The price of Black Market items—which are the…

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Have you played Rocket League?

I knew from my first few hours playing Rocket League that it would become my most played game on Steam. It took me nearly a thousand hours to reach the coveted top rank of Grand Champion. It remains, in my eyes, the perfect competitive multiplayer experience: easy to get into, difficult to master, and far more focused on tactical decisions and reading your opponents than about who has the twitchiest…

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Rocket League lowers prices for cosmetics following the Blueprint Update

High-octane ballsport Rocket League yesterday reduced cosmetic item prices, having started selling them at high prices with new systems replacing DLC and loot boxes in last week’s Blueprint Update. Our Matt said only yesterday that “Rocket League’s new Blueprints are too expensive, but still better than loot boxes” then a mere six hours later, Psyonix announced the price cuts. This is response to a solid week of complaints from players but the timing does make us look dead influential so yeah, yeah…

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How to master League of Legends' most complex champion yet

League of Legends’ Aphelios is the game's newest champion, and he's a little more complicated than his predecessors. Riot has come out with plenty of hard-to-master characters over the years, but none of them are quite like The Weapon of the Faithful. But if you’re dead set on making Aphelios your new main, my LoL Aphelios guide will get you up to speed and onto the Rift as quickly as possible.Aphelios is a member of the Lunari, a moon-worshipping religious order from Mount Targon, a group cast out…

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How battle royale changed the last decade of games (and the next one)

"I hope you die of AIDS," yells the corpse of the player I just killed. It's 2015 and I'm playing my 7th match of H1Z1: King of the Kill, the battle royale mode that will later become a standalone game just called H1Z1 (and later still, Z1 Battle Royale). I've been aware of the battle royale mod for Arma 3 for a while—I love watching streamers play it—but I've never played BR myself until today. And it's giving me everything I haven't been able to find in H1Z1's standard and sloppy Early Access survival…

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Rocket League's Blueprints are too damn expensive

Loot boxes are reviled by many, but their removal from Rocket League hasn't been met with open arms. Even if the new system technically saves players money on ultra rare items—loot boxes are not known for their value—it doesn't feel that way. What it feels like is shopping at a tourist trap where all the items are marked up 500 percent.As a brief primer, Rocket League's old system dropped crates after completed games. Keys, which cost a dollar a piece in bulk, opened them. Chances are, any given…

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PC Update 5.3 - Now on the Test Server

It's been a hell of a year here at PUBG. Thanks for taking this journey with us. As we approach the holidays we're hard at work on some exciting new features for you to play in 2020. As season 5.3 starts to wrap up, we're ending the year with a number of quality of life updates to give you a better PUBG experience. Read through the patch notes below for new settings, blood effects and skins that have landed on the Battleground.


"Bloody realistic" Blood Effect Improvements
    [*] Headshots including…

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Rocket Pass 5: Your Journey Begins December 4

[previewyoutube=0bmn0hEgJLQ;full][/previewyoutube]Every hero has a journey. Yours begins in Rocket Pass 5 on December 4 following the Blueprint Update! Prepare to find your inner strength and climb to the Pro Tiers to be the best like no one ever was.
Upgrade to Rocket Pass Premium and wield the power of the newest car, Chikara. This anime-inspired supercar will be unlocked immediately, and the Chikara GTX will be waiting for you at Tier 70. Rocket Pass 5 features 70 Tiers of new items including Holosphere…

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Teamfight Tactics best TFT set 2 comps [9.22]

A new season in Teamfight Tactics means that we’ve somehow got a whole bunch of brand new champions and items. Putting them all together in one coherent TFT comp might be a little trickier as you’ve now got to contend with elements, as well as the fact that everything is new again. So with the new beginning, we thought we’d once again bring you the TFT best comps list for the current patch – 9.22. (more…)

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Teamfight Tactics best TFT set 2 comps [9.23]

The new season in Teamfight Tactics is in full swing and another TFT patch just dropped. That means new TFT comps can rise up and dominate your opponents. If you’ve not played TFT in a while, there’s a whole bunch of brand new champions and items. Putting them all together in one coherent TFT comp might be a little trickier as you’ve now got to contend with elements, as well as the fact that everything is new again. With the latest patch, there has already been a big Light surge in the meta…

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Louis Vuitton is selling League of Legends t-shirts for more than $800

Tens of millions of people play League of Legends every single day, and almost none of them will be able to afford even a simple t-shirt from the game's new fashion range, created by Louis Vuitton. A simple black t-shirt with some character art, for instance, will set you back $865, and it's not even close to the most expensive item of clothing. The collaboration is oddly extensive, with Louis Vuitton also designing a trophy case and several new skins. It's not the first brand I'd associate with…

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