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18 year old Semi Professional Rocket League player. I am currently a 1600 Season 13 Grand Champion with over 2000 hours of playtime in Rocket League. I've hit Top 100 in the world on Xbox multiple times, my highest place i've reached is 8th in the world. I currently play for Peak eSports, a semi professional gaming organization, as a captain of one of our GC teams. If you're interested in joining a RL gaming organization, feel free to message me! We have teams from D3 to High GC!

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Full IGL summer circuit playoff game
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Flexible. Can listen to crticism. Good 3rd NA (West)

Doesn’t matter

Top 100 on Xbox. 1600 S13 GC. Been playing on a semi professional eSports team for 8 months now. Won 2 leagues (IGL and SuperStar Series). Place high in tournaments alot. On everyday. Over 2500 hours of playtime.

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