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College Student looking for big opportunities. I aim for great things and expect to achieve all my goals in life. I am a well-rounded player in all games I touch. My Ex-College Esports coach told me he believes I will "make a splash in Esports". I am Unique, I learn fast, I adjust quickly, and I perform at my highest level every time I am expected to. I am NOT shy as a player, so I expect to play in big games, in big matches, in a big role. I stand up to my tests and work hard for it. I play a number of games and I am willing to learn more if the team needs me. 

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Back line fighter NA (Midwest)


TYpically I breach behind enemies and can pop off multi-kills. KD: 1.33 Preferred weapon: any SMG WILL ALSO PLAY WARZONE Warzone wins:7 Warzone KD: 2.8


Rounded player NA (Midwest)

I can play roughly half the characters

Kombat league-Master (20 ish combat points away from Grand Master)


Flex PLayer looking for team. NAE


Can play both healer and DPS. I am great at shot calling and have experience with playing these positions in college Esports. my first ranking was in silver but ended in the diamond range after leaving that college.


Complete package USA, Nebraska


I was signed to college on a full ride to game in fortnite. the college league wasnt tough enough, looking to grow outwards. I can build, shot call, shoot, and get out of many situations. give me a test run, I will show.


Brain player, and attacker. From the USA

Wraith. Can play any though.

Have over 55 wins already. Have experience with each character. Played for fun, but looking to get competitive. I’m a good shot caller, and great at communication. I use my experience from other BR games,to advance my play in Apex.

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